Composite Materials

Innovative fibers and extraordinary textile manufacturing techniques contribute to the vibrant research field that is composite materials.

At CIRTex, we are currently developing a fabric system for concrete reinforcement in collaboration with Shenkar’s Building Materials Lab, headed by Prof. Alva Peled from Ben-Gurion University’s Department of Structural Engineering. Textile-reinforced concrete is relatively lightweight, and achieves both exceptional strength and a reduction in scale of the final cross-section. Among the various textile processes, the most important criterion for concrete reinforcement is that of an open structure with high displacement stability, which enables the concrete matrix to fully penetrate the fabric. CIRTex researchers model water infiltration through multi-axial reinforcing fabrics, which are embedded in cement for passive concrete curing, using a wide range of fabric apertures, material compositions, and geometry.

Collaborators: Research and Development Agency – Israel Ministry of Defense

Knitted structure with Aramid fiber for improved structural integrity in complex composite elements, Dr. Eyal Sheffer