The Weaving Workspaces offer a variety of looms for specialization in weaving: ​8-harness handlooms for learning the first stages of weaving, which serve the Department of Textile Design, and 16-harness and 24-harness handlooms for more advanced, complex weaving work. ​Computerized handlooms are utilized for special projects and advanced developments in weaving, sampling and material prototyping. These looms use professional Pointcarre weaving software, which allows woven designs to be exported to a range of compatible computerized industrial looms, including designs of more complex Jacquard textiles. The Weaving Workspaces include an industrial dobby loom that enables high-speed weaving of full-width textiles incorporating a wide range of materials.

The Weaving Workspaces are led by Amit El-Ad.


Weaved samples prepared for mechanical properties test at the Textile Testing Lab photography: Achikam Ben Yosef