The Print Workshop facilitates at the Department of Textile Design familiarity and experience with traditional and contemporary print techniques and work processes on textiles by means of flat printing mesh. The work process is manual, and provides as the basis for understanding of the complex world of textile print from the artistic/design aspect of printing one-of-a-kind items, as well as from the aspect of mass producing running textiles. The workshop serves students learning processes which begins from the development of the design concept, through formulation of an image or pattern, color selection, preparation of the design for single or repeat printing, to manual, digital or combine color separation, color mixing, textile selection, trial printing and work processes, and concludes with the final product. ‚ÄčThe staff at the Workshop provide consultation outside the college on textile printing and guidance on digital textile printing solutions, as well as the option of printing on textiles. The Printing workspace is lead by David Kadosh.

Thermochromic color print on textile weaved with conductive threads