Textile Testing Labs

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The Textile Testing Laboratories are managed by CIRTex, and also physically adjacent to the center. The labs were established in the 1970s to provide the industry with professional, reliable, and independent testing and consulting services. In the 1990s, the labs were recognized by the international retail chain Marks & Spencer to conduct testing in accordance with their rigorous standards. Today, the labs are outfitted with equipment and instruments that enable testing in accordance with various international codes and standards, including BS, EN, ISO, AATCC, and ASTM-D. Test parameters include the physical and chemical properties of yarns and textiles, such as yarn twist rate, yarn and textile strength, resistance to pilling, erosion, fiber composition quality and quantity, textile stability, color fastness to washing, rubbing, sweat, light, sea and pool water, and more. Product resistance testing can be conducted in accordance with any given specification. The labs’ highly experienced staff members are available to assist in finding the root causes of product flaws, writing specifications for new products, and providing technological consulting on manufacturing processes. The Textile Testing Laboratories are led by Shosh Tefillin.

Photo Weaved samples after an abrasion examination at the Textile Testing Lab